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  • Natural solutions for a better world.

  • We guarantee the authenticity of the agrifood chain, over time.

  • Research & Development to obtain safe and healthy products

We optimize the management of the planet’s food resources through sustainable and safe methods, in order to builda better place for future generations.

About us

Ozono-Sanificazione® is a registered SAIM Service srl brand,fully committed to the applications of ozone gas in the agri-food sector, in particular cold storage, processing rooms and processing water.

The application of ozone represents a great value in terms of qualitative advantage. That is why we have built up a specific web site to highlight ozone technology.

Why ozone?

Ozone is a natural gas consisting in three oxygen atoms (O3). It has a strong oxidizing action, able to react with organic and inorganic substances. Once the sanitizing activity is completed, ozone goes back to oxygen, leaving no residues.

How does this process turn into benefit?

Thanks to the action against bacteria, fungi, moulds, viruses, odours, contaminations.

In the agrifood sector, the benefits in terms of quality and shelf life of the product are great, most of all because ozone does not leave residues on the products.

Nowadays, the use of ozone as a sanitizing agent is a fundamental requirement in terms of healthiness and quality required by the market.

Scientific proofs and extensive health protection legislation ensure that today ozone stands out as the safest, most natural and most economical treatment agent for air and water.

Since June 26, 2001, the F.D.A. (US government body for the regulation of food products) validated the compatibility of ozone “in established measures” with human activities.

In Italy, the Ministry of Health, by means of Protocol No. 24482 – July 1996, recognized ozone as a natural presidium for the sterilization of environments.

Why us?

There is no standard recipe for the application of ozone. Contact time, concentration values ​​and application parameters are just some of the aspects that must be evaluated from time to time, based on the specific context and the characteristics of the product. This involves that the key factor in obtaining the expected benefit lies in the experience of the supplier company.

  • We are members of EuOTA, the European association that aims at ruling the use of ozone. Few companies in the world, specialized in the agri-food sector, are members of it;

  • We have been working with ozone for about 20 years, partnering with pioneer companies in the use of ozone. Furthermore, we applied it outside the agrifood sector as well;

  • The applications we supply have been verified in laboratory;

  • Our know-how is very huge and that led usto register a brand fully committed to ozone gas, which corresponds to proven application protocols;

  • We supply ozone systems and machines, both forenvironment (air) and for processing water of products.

Words from our clients

Research & Development

The correct application of ozone requires intense research and development activities. With the aim of providing applications based on concrete results, rising from precise protocols, we actively cooperate with partners such as universities and research centers.

Since 2021 we have been proudly working in the POFACS project (Fruit and Vegetable Products with High Service Content), promoted by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, aimed at testing new solutions for improving the agrifood value chain.

Studies and tests made in cooperation with universities and organizations


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